What to do about Iceland’s volcanoes?

So for the last 6 days, Europe has been in travel chaos because of a volcano in Iceland spewing ash into the atmosphere and blocking plane flights.  Here’s my solution to the matter:

World leaders should call on a huge international effort to plug Iceland’s troublesome volcanoes with billions and billions of cubic yards of concrete and steel.  The Earth cannot be allowed to disrupt our important lives any longer.  We have places to go, things to do, and people to see.  Phooey on the Earth for reminding us that we’re not in charge.

Better yet, lets just skip a few steps and move into the future and reincarnate ourselves digitally so we can lead every part of our lives online and then there will be no disruptions to our schedules.  We just need to make sure we have enough nuclear power and robots to continually feed the reactors to power our computers.  Think of it, no disruptions, endlessly pursuing our own happiness, no death, no pain, nothing but cyberspace…


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